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Sky is Limitless

Sky is a Turkish company based in Istanbul – Turkey. Founded in 2018 AD, it aims to provide thoughtful services to its customers and continuously diversify its projects in order to remain a leader and advanced in the list of Turkish companies specialized in business. So far, Sky has been able to implement three basic innovative projects at the hands of specialists from inside and outside Turkey.

Our projects depend on smooth provision of services to clients from inside and outside Turkey, using the best modern technologies available in the global market. Our policy within Sky is continuous work, attracting talents and renewable ideas, and then crystallizing these data within an integrated healthy work environment where the employee feels that he is an integral part of this family or one entity. This work results in products and services of high quality for our valued customers, which we provide in the best way, and then we carefully follow the opinions and impressions of our customers constantly in order to be able to develop the level of service. To become the difficult number in the market through the quality of our services and our concern for our valued customers. Our clients are our real wealth.


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