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Sky is a Turkish company based in Istanbul – Turkey. Founded in 2018 AD, it aims to provide thoughtful services to its customers and continuously diversify its projects in order to remain a leader and advanced in the list of Turkish companies specialized in business.


So far, Sky has been able to implement three basic innovative projects at the hands of specialists from inside and outside Turkey. Our projects depend on smooth provision of services to clients from inside and outside Turkey, using the best modern technologies available in the global market.

Our policy within Sky is continuous work, attracting talents and renewable ideas, and then crystallizing these data within an integrated healthy work environment where the employee feels that he is an integral part of this family or one entity.

Sky Turkey


From tea farms, hazelnut fields, natural honey apiaries, and from the heart of the Anatolian nature , we began to receive the requests of our esteemed customers through Whatsapp and then send them through DHL after packing them securely....


Here, where we talk about luxury and organization, to make your trip or your visit to Turkey a story titled comfort and unforgettable sweet memories. All of this is under the supervision of a specialized team in the field of tourism

Language Teaching

By creating a corporate culture based on participation and teamwork, we will become an innovative educational institution sensitive to the needs of all our stakeholders. With an interdisciplinary educational infrastructure, we will ensure the creation and dissemination of original knowledge that leads to leadership.

Real Estates

Since 218, sky Turkey has been one of the most professional real estate market-leader based in Turkey. Buying, selling, investing, property management, finance, after-sale services, we have the experience, knowledge, and most importantly, passion to lead you through the right decision of your property.


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ios/Android shopping application

Language teaching online platform

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